Our Technical Support Staff

Sarah Rehlich, RN, BSN

Sarah Rehlich

Medical Specialist
Sarah Rehlich reviews project materials including medical records, prepares medical summaries and injury illustrations, performs research and analysis of biomechanical and medical literature. Ms. Rehlich is a Registered Nurse with 22 years of hospital clinical experience in critical care and 12 years experience as a nurse analyst for biomechanical engineering and legal firms. Ms. Rehlich has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Taylor Buckman, BA

Taylor Buckman

Research Assistant
Taylor Buckman provides research support and assists with data collection, surveying, slip resistance testing, analysis and illustrations. Mr. Buckman is trained in video production and editing, digital photography and imaging, computer graphics and animation, and photogrammetry.

Michael Caldarelli, BA

Michael Caldarelli

Research Assistant
Michael Caldarelli provides research support and assists in data collection and review, exemplar procurement, technical inspection and analysis for Talas Engineering. Mr. Caldarelli is trained in CAD, graphic design, digital imaging, information management, statistics and radar speed detection.

Merci Booe, RN

Medical Specialist
Merci Booe reviews project information, including medical records, and assists with biomechanical research. Ms. Booe is a Registered Nurse with 15 years experience in the clinical and hospital settings. Ms. Booe has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Arts in Social Science.

Vera Sanina, RN, MSN

Vera Sanina

Medical Specialist
Vera Sanina reviews project information, including medical records, and assists with injury analyses. Ms. Sanina is a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings and in several specialties such as critical care, emergency nursing, gastroenterology, quality assurance, and medical peer review. Ms. Sanina has a Masters of Science in Nursing with a certification in Clinical Nurse Leadership.

Cheryl S. Cormia, BA

Cheryl Cormia

Cheryl Cormia is responsible for the accounting functions and financial reporting of the company. She came to Talas Engineering with 30 years of experience in various aspects of accounting, specializing in small businesses.

Vijay Naiker, BS

Vijay Naiker

Office Administrator
Vijay Naiker provides administrative and business support for Talas Engineering. Ms. Naiker has extensive professional experience in administrative and executive support, and she exemplifies the professionalism and responsiveness of the organization.

Nicholas Whitley

Nicholas Whitley

Accounts Receivable Specialist
Nick Whitley’s responsibilities include invoicing and communications with clients regarding accounting matters.

Alyssa Castorena

Alyssa Castorena

Administrative Assistant
Alyssa Castorena provides administrative, technical, and client support with a focus on accurate responsiveness. Ms. Castorena is a professional administrative assistant with legal background experience and is currently seeking her degree in forensic science.


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